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The RFScanner is an Antenna Pattern Characterization, Measurement and Diagnostic Tool on you Lab-bench.

The RFScanner is a compact bench-top scanner that characterizes antennas in your own lab environment in real-time.

The RFScanner measures the amplitude and phase of near-field magnetic emissions and uses these data provides far-field patterns, bisections, EIRP and TRP and other parameters in seconds.

The RFScanner give insights into the root causes of antenna performance challenges and help troubleshoot far-field radiation patterns in real-time.

50% of products fail initial EMC testing… Until now!

A significant percentage of products fail to meet the targets required for EMC certification the first time they are tested. With the high cost of testing being high, the need for pre-testing a product can severely extend the budget, coupled with the time it takes for engineers and designers to investigate the origin of issues identified by the EMC test. Early-stage testing is considered the solution, and EMScanners are a time-efficient and cost-effective alternative to Chambers or Probe Testing.

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  • Frequency Range of 300 MHz to 6.0 GHz

  • Far-Field Patterns and Bisections including EIRP / TRP / PRD, Circular and linear polarization and axial ratio patterns

  • Near-Field Insights such as Amplitude and Phase distribution available in  seconds

  • Gain, Efficiency and S11 chart with Supported VNAs

  • “Real-time” real-fast

  • Can be used to evaluate either standalone (i.e. passive) antennas or antennas that are embedded in wireless devices (i.e. active antennas). 

  • Simple set up and Easy to use

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Odoo • Text and Image
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RFScanner provides far-field patterns, bisections, EIRP and TRP in seconds. Novel near-field results, including amplitude, polarity and phase give insights into the root causes of antenna performance challenges and help troubleshoot far-field radiation patterns.


To view and/or download EMScanner resources, simply click on the links below:

Product Features

Capability 2D and 3D near-field patterns (amplitude, phase and polarization)
Far-field patterns and bi-sections (cartesian and polar)
Graph S
Calculate gain and efficiency
Circular Polarization: Right (RHCP) and left hand circularly polarized patterns (LHCP) and Axial
Ratio (AR)
Scan time Seconds
Supported network analyzers Most of the common Keysight & R&S VNAs
Please contact us for more information
Supported operating systems Windows 10®
Warranty One year, optional 3-years warranty and 5-years warranty


300 MHz to 6 GHz
Measurement sensitivity 0 dBm source power for a reasonably efficient antenna
Measurement accuracy TBD
Measurement repeatability +/- 0.2dB
Far-field resolution 1.8° for theta and 3.6° for phi
Maximum radiator size  L 16cm x W 10cm (L 6.30" x W 3.94")
Resolution Bandwidth Resolution Bandwidth = IF Bandwidth of 60MHz
Probe to probe uniformity Calibrated before shipment
Firmware correction factors adjust for frequency dependent probe responses with < +/= 0.5dB accuracy
Probe to probe isolation > 20 dB
Maximum radiated power +33 dBm
Operating temperature From 15°C to 40°C (continuous fixed frequency scan at 2440 MHz)
Modulation formats GSM / CDMA / WCDMA / Wi-Fi / WMAX / LTE
Custom antenna
Scanner connections PC: USB
Power: 6 VDC 3.0A
Dimensions L 32.1cm x W 24cm x H 7cm (L 12.64" x W9.45" x H 2.76")
Weight 3.8kg / 8.38lb (including cables and adaptor)
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Our products are compatible with most mainstream Spectrum Analyzers.

N9000A-CXA, N9000B-CXA, N9010A-EXA, N9010B-EXA, N9020B-MXA, N9020A-MXA, N9038A-MXE, N9912A-FieldFox, N9916A-FieldFox, N9918A-FieldFox, N9952A-FieldFox, E4440A-PSA, N9030A-PXA, N9040B-UXA

Scanner Users

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 Case Studies

The instrument provides spatial and spectral scans that allow design teams to cut one to two design cycles out of their product development process. It also reduces their EMI testing time by up to two orders of magnitude.

The design team conducted the scans on the EMxpert system in their offices. In a matter of minutes, they obtained the results. Testing the design in a third party chamber would have have been weeks away.