You decide what the future holds.
Visualize it in Lumion.
Complete 3D rendering software for architects and designer.

Lumion is perfect for

Interior design

Visualize interior spaces as if they are ready to be lived or worked in.

Architectural design 

Bring your structures to life with the greatest ease, in the highest quality.

Landscape architecture

Create lifelike landscapes with details only found in nature itself.


Lumion is available for students and faculties around the world.

Stay in your creative flow

with Lumion 2023


Make your spaces come alive

With Lumion, you can transform any 3D model into an experience others can see and feel.

Easily add context, detail, and atmosphere to your visualizations. With one-touch controls and a diverse content library of materials, objects, characters, and nature items, Lumion gives you all you need to breathe life into your designs.


Simplify your workflow

It doesn’t matter what CAD or 3D modeling software you use–Lumion fits seamlessly into your workflow and empowers you to drive design decisions faster and with full confidence.

Model and render in real-time with the Lumion LiveSync plug-in, available for all major CAD software. You can make changes on the fly, quickly test ideas, and visualize your designs at any point in their development process. .


High-speed, high-quality renders

Whether you have 7 hours or 7 minutes, it’s refreshingly simple to create stunning images, videos, and 360 panoramas that capture the life and beauty of your designs.

From the first design evaluation to the big client presentation, Lumion’s fast rendering speed enables you to incorporate visualizations at any phase, creating a visual foundation that helps everyone feel invested.

Confidently demonstrate your ideas with ease

Fast, easy, and intuitive.

Go beyond form and function

Surround your designs with atmosphere and emotion. Transition from a sunny morning to a rainy afternoon or a starry night.

In just a few clicks, you can instantly change the mood and explore your designs under different light, skies, or weather conditions.

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Communicate your unique style

Show your designs the way you want them to be seen.

Lumion makes it surprisingly easy to add a personal touch to your design presentations that otherwise would take hours to create.

Whether you prefer a conceptual style or a realistic visualization, you have full creative control of the rendering process.

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Stable and reliable at all times