What's New in MCAD CoDesigner 3.4.0

The newest release of MCAD CoDesigner 3.4.0 is finally here, and it comes packed with amazing features and improvements that will change how you work. With MCAD CoDesigner 3.4.0, you can connect native ECAD and MCAD design components to Siemens NX. This allows both engineers to work simultaneously on their respective components, which saves time and enhances collaboration.

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Moreover, the new release includes advanced copper geometry support for Siemens NX, giving you even greater detail for your designs. You can now obtain precise definitions of shapes on every copper layer, ensuring accuracy and consistency. And that's not all! MCAD CoDesigner 3.4.0 also provides MCAD data management system support for specifying MCAD components as ECAD footprint parameters. This feature streamlines your design workflow and better supports the many-to-many relationships between components and footprints.

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The advanced mode of rigid-flex design is another amazing feature of MCAD CoDesigner 3.4.0. This mode has moved out of beta and into public release, supporting SOLIDWORKS and PTC Creo. This means you can now design with even more flexibility and ease, making your job much easier.

Upgrade to MCAD CoDesigner 3.4.0 today and enjoy a more streamlined design process with improved collaboration, advanced copper geometry support, and data management system support.

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