Update 23.5

Custom Thermal Reliefs for Pads & Vias

As a continuation of our custom pad shape capabilities, it is now possible to add, remove, and edit, thermal relief spikes to anywhere on a pad or via, regardless of shape. This helps with soldering and avoids possible manufacturing problems like tombstoning.

Test Your Circuits With Real-Time Simulation Probes

The interactive probes feature is like using an oscilloscope right within Altium Designer. When this feature is enabled, any changes to probe placement, color, or other settings, are immediately reflected in the simulation results document.

Discover the hidden parts of your board with the pcb section view

The PCB section view provides precise insight into the layout and structure of your designs, like never before. when working with dense and complex PCBs the section view reveals the details within a PCB that are typically not visible. With full control over plane placement and color you can easily see all components, even smaller SMD components hiding under larger components or mechanical parts.

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